Our company held a working meeting about built and train talented person
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       In order to improve the comprehensive ability of employees and the actual need for the construction of reserve personnel , March 5 , Big –master technology Co., Ltd about  Management Training Conference convened meeting by the Chairman of the Board , chaired by Mr. Liu Yang , general manager .
       Chairman of the company management on the status of the company is currently doing a brief summary :during  2013 , although production and management company has made great achievements, But the level is still not high material management , There are still many problems , and at the meeting stressed : as a management staff to do their own requirements, adherence to the moral bottom line, do not do anything illegal ; equipment managers need to be conscientious ,legs diligent  eyes clear , continue to learn and improve their level of service quality and ability to adapt to the evolving needs of the enterprise .
       We always uphold the "people-oriented " concept of talent , and " people-oriented " talent team building is the selection of outstanding employees on the basis of engineering and an important link in the face of the companys development turning point of the new tasks and new situation , which is the key to the steady development of we must fully understand its importance and necessity , all linked together , from the ideological training to improve understanding of the work , the study and training in a whole new level. Through this form of training to enhance professionalism of the staff and management will help us to better identify the work positioning , improve working methods and enhance the work execution, managers should cherish the opportunity to strengthen not only their own learning , but also leadership and work to do , to have a sense of responsibility , accountability than ability, sense of responsibility, the ability to play a role ; to achieve the " ground" , a man to be positive , our families and companies , socially responsible .
       Finally , the Ministry of Hu total , the computer department Zhou and other leaders made speeches respectively on personnel issues that arise from construction projects carried out in-depth discussions and exchanges , the meeting defined the responsibilities of relevant departments and relevant departments carefully prepared relevant courseware, respectively, were explained in the training session to learn .