New website offcially launched
Published:2014-03-31 09:43:20 Browse:2751
        Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City , Ma Shide ( was designated the official website , the company attaches great importance to the work site revision , in order to make the new website successful on-line , led by chairman of the company to prepare revised site. From site planning, the company commissioned the development of the network is completed, the site now and then to add basic information is complete, after around half the time , our website is finally on the line.

        After several adjustments and testing new website on March 24, 2014 formally launched the new website in form , function and operation are compared to the past has been a lot of innovation and improvement, more suitable for the companys products and image publicity and promotion, to become a new bright spot corporate culture. From the beginning to the new website home page within the sub- pages , have a strong visual impact. On the site structure, Version prominent market-oriented focus on introducing the companys new products, the specific content they are presented in the form of illustrations . In the background operation site , the company specialized personnel management background operation , while the relevant departments have also upload their own content and permission to modify the part , which greatly enhanced the content of the information uploaded convenience, accuracy and timeliness.

        Here I want to thank the leadership and colleagues , without your dedication to help, I could never improve the basic information alone company website. Also thanks to the website for my company to do Internet companies , you have worked hard !