2014 the Qingming Festival announcement
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Dear Customer :

         ! Hello 2014 Qing Ming holiday is  approaching, thank you for a long time in this deep concern and support for our busy business requirement , now the Qing Ming holiday announcement the following ! :

         1 Qingming Festival holiday Time: April 5, 2014 ( sixth lunar month ) to April 6 ( seventh lunar month ) of a holiday two days , April 7 ( eighth lunar month ) to work properly.

         2 Qingming Festival holiday period, please shut the gates each department , lock doors and windows, do security work , accidents happen cautious so that we can have a safe and carefree Qingming holiday.

         Tips: During the holidays , you need to order or understanding of the relevant product information, please call : +86-075528026858 , thank you for your support and concern !

          I wish the new and old customers happy holiday !

Shenzhen big-master CO.,LTD 

April 3, 2014
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